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How to get 10,000 Facebook Fans In 3 Days or Less (and Get PAID to Do it)

Lise Gottlieb, CEO & Founder of Biz Boost Group

LISE GOTTLIEB, “The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark,” creator of “Power e-com Formula” and “Biz Boost Formula”.

In her work as a Sales – and Marketing Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Harvard Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Coach, Lise Gottlieb shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain a wholistic life-style that includes personal & financial independence.Lise Gottlieb has quickly become an in-demand International Business Coach.

In early 2013, Lise founded Biz Boost Group – a sales & marketing coaching and training company that helps clients double,

triple and quadruple their profits using tried and tested sales and marketing strategies, such as direct response advertising methods online, lead generation, sales conversion, sales funnels, retention programs, product bundles, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, video marketing, webdesign, SEO and brandbuilding.

One of Lise’s biggest passions is coaching and mentoring her clients from around the globe.



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eCommerce Award Winner at Harvard

Business Expert Forum
Lise Gottlieb Speaker

Lise Gottlieb Sharing the Stage at Harvard With Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Suzanne Somers

Actor and entrepreneur Suzanne Somers

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner, American television personality and Olympic gold medal - winning decathlete

George Ross

George Ross - President Donald Trump's friend and advicer through +40 years

Lise Gottlieb Sharing the Stage at Carnegie Hall With Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Suzanne Somers

Martha Stewart Retail Businesswoman and America’s Most Trusted Lifestyle Expert

Suzanne Somers

Walter O'Brien aka "Scorpion" IQ197 “The Smartest Man You Will Ever Meet” and TV Producer

Caitlyn Jenner

Ice-T and Coco Grammy-Winning, Emmy-Nominated Musicians, Actors and Producers

Caitlyn Jenner

Michael E. Gerber New York Times Mega Best-Selling Author; Creator of the E-Myth

George Ross

Jerry Greenfield Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's

George Ross

Dylan Howard "King of Hollywood Scoops" and Entertainment Journalist of the Year

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