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How to get 10,000 Facebook Fans In 3 Days or Less (and Get PAID to Do it)

Lise Gottlieb, CEO & Founder of Biz Boost Group

LISE GOTTLIEB, “The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark,” creator of “Power e-com Formula” and “Biz Boost Formula”.

In her work as a Sales – and Marketing Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Harvard Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Coach, Lise Gottlieb shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain a wholistic life-style that includes personal & financial independence.Lise Gottlieb has quickly become an in-demand International Business Coach.

In early 2013, Lise founded Biz Boost Group – a sales & marketing coaching and training company that helps clients double,

triple and quadruple their profits using tried and tested sales and marketing strategies, such as direct response advertising methods online, lead generation, sales conversion, sales funnels, retention programs, product bundles, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, video marketing, webdesign, SEO and brandbuilding.

One of Lise’s biggest passions is coaching and mentoring her clients from around the globe.

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In order to be the most productive we can be and achieve the greatest success we can achieve, we have to be focused and committed to our work at all times.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to remain focused and committed to our work each day due to distractions that occur.  Each distraction that succeeds in diverting our attention away from our work causes us to be less productive than we should or expect to be.  Learn about three key distractions that kill productivity below.   One key distraction that kills our productivity is email. Specifically, it’s the logging into our email accounts, getting a notification that we have an email, then our desire to check out what the email says.  In truth, most emails are not THAT important to have to check out immediately.  The few that are, those you can take a moment or so to review if needed, but the rest of them can wait until you complete the current task you are on, then taking a few minutes to go over email in between tasks, during lunch, or during a scheduled break.   A second key distraction that kills our productivity is social media. Like email, social media involves logging into our accounts, then getting a notification that we got a message or there’s new content that has been posted, and our innate desire to find out what that message or post says.  This takes away our focus and time on the task we are currently working on, and, in most cases, the social media message or post can wait.  Wait until a time when you are done with your current task or even after your workday is entirely over before you look at social media posts and messages.   A third key distraction that kills our productivity is worrying, especially about future tasks, family matters, etc. Worrying can cause us to lose focus and do lower-quality work because we are worrying about a future task and its difficulties that we are dreading to handle.  Worrying can also be about issues away from work, such as at home with the family, etc.  All types of worrying cause us to lose focus on our current task, which leads to us taking longer to complete it and becoming less productive in the process.  This will only make our peers and superiors question our capability of doing high-quality work quickly and will only closed the door to greater opportunities and success we could have by being more productive. If you are looking for a way to work smarter, not harder – Get instant access here Simply follow this step-by-step action plan! To Your Success, Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
Hosting a virtual summit? Good for you! You’re in for an incredible experience. Not only that, but you’ll grow your list, make some money, show of your expertise, and even make some important connections with other coaches in your niche. But you can’t do any of that if you’re making these rookie mistakes. Not planning ahead A virtual summit is a big commitment. There are all kinds of moving parts you must coordinate, including: • Multiple speakers and their many scheduling conflicts • Email autoresponder connections • Upsell and downsell opportunities • Landing and access page creation • Promotion schedules and marketing materials Clearly, this is not something you can pull together in a few days. Take your time, and consider hiring an expert to help you keep everything moving forward. Not getting out of your comfort zone As the host of a virtual summit, you don’t get to fade into the background. Make a commitment to put yourself out there, not only when it comes to promoting your event, but also when inviting guests. Reach for the stars, and don’t be afraid to approach your “dream” guest. You never know who might just say yes. Not testing everything No single webpage should be published, and no email sent without a thorough testing of everything, including: • Buttons—are they clickable and do they lead where you think they do? • Links—watch for broken links, placeholders and 404 errors. • Spelling and grammar—proofread everything, including the names of your presenters. • Upsell/downsell funnels—make sure products are buyable and easy to access. • Content delivery pages—do your videos and downloads work? • Guest offers—opt-in for all of your guests’ free offers to be sure they work as expected. • Timers and coupons (if you’re using them) To learn more – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To Your Success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
Does the thought of putting together a training webinar stop you cold? If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the possibilities, you’re not alone. Many small business owners freeze up at the prospect of creating an hour-long presentation. The good news is, it’s not that difficult, if you have a plan to follow. First 5 Minutes Here’s where you’re going to introduce the subject matter. Tell your audience what they can expect to learn. Much like sales copy, it’s a good idea here to tease them a bit to get them excited about the subject matter. Your Introduction Next up, it’s all about you. Your listeners want to know who you are, how you gained your knowledge, and why you’re the one teaching the webinar. Don’t be afraid to get a bit personal here. Share pictures of your family vacation, you “working” on the beach, or anything else that will help created a connection. Remember, we buy from people we know, like, and trust, and this is your audience’s chance to get to know you better. Plan to spend five to ten minutes on your introduction. The Main Event The next 30 minutes or so will be devoted to training. While 30 minutes might seem like a lot of time, when you’re teaching a complex subject it will go much faster than you can imagine. Break up your training into three or five main points. Any more than that and you’ll run out of time. Remember that you should have approximately one slide per minute, and your slides should be short and punchy. A single word or image will speak volumes, and will help keep your audience attentive. The Pitch Most times, this is the reason for the webinar, so don’t skimp here. Plan to spend ten minutes or so selling. Share the benefits of your course or coaching or service (whatever you’re promoting), clearly explain any bonuses you’re offering, and emphasize any discounts the audience will receive for acting fast. For most new—and even experienced—presenters, this is the most difficult portion of the webinar. You’ll want to be sure you practice it until you’re comfortable, preferably in front of a mirror or even a camera. Q & A Time Finally, you’ll want to offer your audience a chance to ask questions. It’s a good idea to hold this section until the end of the call (after the pitch), so your viewers don’t drop off before you have a chance to present your offer. By breaking down your presentation into very specific chunks of time, it’s much less overwhelming to outline your webinar. Start by determining the approximate number of slides you’ll need, then block off the five webinar sections. Once you see that you really only need about 30 teaching slides, it’s suddenly much easier to fill that time. To learn more – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To Your Success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
It’s true. No one wants to hear you drone on and on. But unless you take steps to keep your viewers engaged during your webinar, that’s exactly what you risk happening. Top presenters have learned several tricks for keeping their viewers interested (and listening) even if the webinar seems to go on longer than they anticipated. Hold Your Questions If it seems like your viewers drop off the call just as you’re about to make an offer, you’re not imagining things. Many viewers attend for the training, with no thought to buy, and will leave the minute it’s clear the training is over. You can curb that with one simple trick: hold the questions until after your offer. By breaking up the training with an offer in the middle, you’re more likely to hold your audience’s attention for the duration of the event. Host a Contest Much like holding questions until after the offer, the same effect can be had by hosting a contest in which the winner is not announced until the end of the webinar. Alternately, you could offer a prize to the first viewer to answer a question correctly—the question, of course, is based on the content of the webinar. This virtually ensures your viewers are paying attention. Turn the Tables Don’t let your viewers just sit and passively watch. Instead, get them talking. Most webinar platforms have some kind of chat or question feature, so make use of it by chatting them up. At the beginning of the event, be sure to ask them to let you know if they can hear you and see your slides. Throughout the call, as you make a point or reveal a great tip, ask for their acknowledgment. Not only will this keep them interested and listening, but it will also help them learn how the chat function works, so when it’s time for Q & A they don’t have any trouble. Tell a Story Everyone loves a great story, and if you’ve got one, now is the time to tell it. Whether it’s the time you nearly got arrested in college, or how you had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a month after your car died, if you can link your story to your webinar message, it’s a good candidate. Just remember to practice telling it first, because if you’re not a natural-born story teller (many of us are not) then it can quickly backfire. The last thing you want is for your webinar to be a boring, hour-long event that drives viewers away. It’s pretty depressing to watch the attendee number drop before you’re even halfway through your slides, but if you put these tips in play, you’ll have much happier—and attentive—webinar viewers. To learn more – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To Your Success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
Just because your live event is over, doesn’t mean your webinar stops working for you. In fact, with a bit of planning, your replay can get as much—maybe even more—traction as the live webinar did. Add the Replay to Your Autoresponders Evergreen webinar topics are always welcome additions to your autoresponders. They give your loyal readers another way to learn from you, and their high value (video is always well received) means they’re more likely to be watched than your blog or ebooks are to be read. But don’t stop with just the video. Offer readers a chance to download just the audio so they can listen on the go, and have the entire webinar transcribed for those who prefer to scan the content. Use Handouts as Opt-In Incentives Checklists and worksheets are extremely popular when it comes to enticing people to opt-in to your mailing list. It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes less really is more. In fact, your readers will appreciate short, to-the-point checklists more than they will a 50 page ebook. Rather than creating new offers, simply repurpose the worksheets you’ve created for your webinars. Transcriptions and Slides Find New Homes As surprising as it might seem, not everyone wants to watch a video. For those folks who are pressed for time, a transcript they can scan is the perfect answer. Not only that, but since Google can’t (yet) crawl video, the text version of your presentation is far better for SEO purposes. There’s no end to the places you can share your transcript, either. Your blog, slide sharing sites, article directories, and LinkedIn are all top choices. You might even choose to do a little light editing and turn it into a Kindle book you can sell for a small fee. Slice and Dice In any good webinar, there are plenty of sound bites just waiting to be shared. A good virtual assistant can take your transcript and pull out the meaningful quotes for sharing on social media, and perhaps even make a selection of “pinnable” graphics to post to Pinterest. Your presentation might even contain some of these nuggets, making her job even easier. A screenshot of a slide with a great quote or image makes the perfect update on your Facebook page or Twitter account. (Hint: keep this in mind when you create your presentation!) And of course, don’t forget you can still offer your replay as an opt-in incentive, long after the event is over. You may want to record an alternate ending if you presented a time-sensitive offer, but otherwise it should serve you well for months or years to come. To learn more – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To Your Success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
The JT Foxx Mega Speaker inspiration If you are born broke, it is not your fault. If you die broke, it’s 100 percent your fault. Choose to be a Millionaire Underdog! Says who? JT Foxx who considers himself as the ultimate millionaire underdog. JT Foxx has many reasons to inspire you with such a maxim. He has influenced many brands companies and other business interests across the world with his entrepreneurial capacity. But most successful business owners and entrepreneurs lack one thing. They cannot pass on the legacy to another generation. They cannot inspire the next generation with their own tips. JT Foxx, on the contrary, can inspire others very well with his tips. JT Foxx, the number one wealth coach, is omnipresent on print, radio and television. He is a philanthropist who shares his knowledge, tips and experience of his successful entrepreneurial career with the world. JT identifies branding as a key element of running a business. In his own words, branding is the lifeline that keeps everything flowing. If and when a brand gets established, people will ultimately be interested to know more details about your brand. Without branding, even the best product will take you nowhere. The brand awareness is a must if you need to stand and set yourself apart form the competition. For branding, you need to develop your own marketing style. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, then it is easy to come up with new marketing style. Always give room to yourself for innovative marketing styles. Then not only your work will become enjoyable, but you will also be looking at the new heights of your enterprise. Proper branding and marketing lead a business owner to good sales. Equal prominence should be given to both branding and marketing if you need an increase in sales. That is where your business succeeds. And that is where you need coaching. JT Foxx enters the scene right here. He has offered inspiration to another generation of wealth coaches. As CEO and Founder of Biz Boost Group, I, have been inspired by that knowledge. And I am helping business owners to increase their profit in short time too. I have a proven and tested system to increase sales, revenue and profit. This ultimately assists the budding business owners to raise their revenue from naught to one million within a matter of a year. My passion is learning new methods, which will ultimately benefit my clients, who are consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and other business owners.   What is so special about JT Foxx? JT Foxx’s influence has been a tremendous game-changer in my business. What is so special about JT Foxx that shot him to the position of number 1 wealth coach? What is his secrets to success? He is a man of high integrity, very passionate about what he is doing, a gifted speaker, super intelligent, hardworking, and on top of that he is a fighter who is never worried about revealing the secrets behind his wealth and success. That said, JT could be compared with Steve Jobs for his inspiration. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak in fact calls JT Foxx as the closest person he has ever met to Steve Jobs. In business, it should be always something you love. Ideally you should never feel as if you are working. However, at the same time, you need some time for yourself. If you work all day along without a time to play, it not only makes you dull but it will also kill your. It will kill your health, relationship and, above all your passion, creativity and productivity. An efficient coach is someone who spends 90 percent of their time doing what they teach. Doing what you teach is essential if you need to convince. Your reliability is at a risk if you do not spend time for what you teach. Besides, you live in a world that keeps on changing fast. So you need to be attentive on what is happening around you. Or else, you have chosen to lead yourself to your own doom. So to say, being a coach is a demanding as well as challenging role especially in a vibrant and dynamic platform such as business. And to reach the Number 1 position in such a demanding role means quite a lot. The JT Foxx expertise is instrumental in areas of business, start ups, real estate, internet marketing, passive income and mindset. JT has trained many budding coaches with an intensive coaching process. Interestingly, the coaching does not have a script basis. It is offered following the consideration of your individual experience and requirements. But also JT’s ability to make people create network and build relationship is a contributing factor to the vast success that his students experience. JT Foxx helped me sharpen my axe. I am now able to deliver even more value to my clients to experience success too. I am an in-demand business coach. I founded Biz Boost Group in 2013. The group concentrates on sales and marketing training. With the training in sales and marketing, the potential, budding as well as already engaging business owners have the opportunity to increase their profits through a well tested sales and marketing methodology online. Coaching and mentoring business owners across the globe has been my passion for the past five years. It is my experience that the majority of smaller business owners do not have talented and successful sparring partners on operation of the company in their network and circles. It is my experience that these people have a great need of role models, mentors, guidance, sparring on ideas, too little focus on sales, lack of knowledge about marketing – and therefore the shortcut to increased profits for these business owners is to use business coaching. I have always used coaching in my own business, and I would never have achieved all my results without them. To take your business to the next level sign up for a FREE Strategy Session with me, here: For more information visit my blog and download 5 Step to Business profit – for FREE.   To your Success,   Lise Gottlieb Connect with me on Facebook [...] Read more...
How Much Transparency Is Too Much? We’ve talked before about storytelling and authenticity, and how being your true self is your most powerful branding tactic. But just how open and honest should you be when it comes to sharing your story? Pat Flynn and Jon Lee Dumas are notorious for their transparency, even going so far as to post monthly income statements. You might argue that when you’re making the kind of bank they do (6+ figures each month) it’s easy to share—perhaps even inspirational to your audience. But it might also be off-putting to some, since talking about money is often seen as vulgar. In this case, though, it works to attract the exact audience they are after. Others will find other mentors, and that is, after all, the point of marketing. Transparency comes in other forms as well. Struggles with alcoholism, depression, cancer and other health concerns are commonly shared. Stories of marriage and relationship triumphs (and tragedies) are told. Even spats between competing businesses aren’t off limits for some marketers. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to be frank and honest about all areas of your life and business. With a little forethought and planning, you can keep certain aspects of your story private. Watch Your Social Media Profiles Here’s where a lot of business owners falter, especially when it comes to Facebook. You have your personal profile, to which you invite friends and family, and your business page, where you talk, well, business. But there will inevitably be some overlap. Colleagues will slowly filter into your personal timeline, and you into theirs. Pretty soon, your business people are hearing all about your latest bout with the flu and that snarky thing your mother in law said yesterday. Too much? Maybe. When it comes to your social media sharing, it’s important to pay close attention to not only what you say, but who you’re saying it to. Using privacy settings, contact lists, and even limiting who you “friend” can help maintain your privacy while still being transparent about your business offerings. Remember, the Internet is Forever While privacy settings can help, a better way to keep your personal business away from prying eyes is to simply not post it at all. Think of every blog post, Tweet, Facebook status update and Instagram pic as a billboard. If you wouldn’t post it on the side of the highway for all who pass to read it, don’t put it online either. The chance that it will “leak” (despite your best efforts) is great, and once it’s out there, you will not ever get it back. So think twice about those nasty replies, intimate details, and other confidential information. You just never know who might be reading, and they will affect your brand image. The bottom line? Know your audience and know yourself. If you’re not comfortable sharing certain aspects of your life and business, chances are they won’t be comfortable hearing about it, either. It’s okay to maintain some privacy, even in this transparent world of online marketing. So always remember “What happens in Vegas stays on the internet”. To learn more about how to build your brand get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To your success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
It’s killing you. The phrase “Do something you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” although poetic and inspiring, isn’t always accurate for entrepreneurs. Studies show that the long days with little downtime ultimately end up taking a toll on your health, relationships, and productivity. Don’t Be Fooled As an entrepreneur, and especially a passionate entrepreneur, it’s easy to blur the lines of work and life. Many times work may be enjoyable or have enjoyable aspects to it that each hour melts into the next. The saying “Do something you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” although poetic and inspiring, isn’t always accurate for entrepreneurs. Many times, and more often then we would like to believe, work is work. It’s hard, complicated and many times; it’s lonely. That’s not to say that some aspects of work can’t be thoroughly enjoyable, but again, work is work and need to be treated as such. So how can you find balance amongst your obligation to stay happy, healthy and productive? 10 Secrets to Achieving a Harmonious Work-Life Balance Maintaining a healthy work-life balance really comes down to recognizing how much is too much and establishing parameters on work and setting goals for life. Below, we have listed several recommended tactics and actions you can implement immediately: 1. Prepare for the upcoming week – One of the best ways to get get more done in the time you have (so you can have more time for life) is to be organized and prepare each week with a list of tasks and activities that need to be done. Take some time at the start of your work week to plan out your upcoming week. Just 15-30 minutes of planning can help provide significant gains in productivity. 2. Take vacations – Vacations neither need to be extravagant or expensive, but taking vacations gives you something to look forward to and act as a great internal reset button. 3. Celebrate all holidays – Don’t just take vacations, but celebrate each and every little holiday. Many entrepreneurs see holidays as extra hours they can use to “get ahead”. However, holidays, beyond what they are supposed to stand for break up and separate your year. Without them, mornings blend into days, blend into nights, blend into weeks, blend into months. Before you know it, you don’t even know what the date is. Your life becomes one long work session. Holidays break up the day-in, day-out grind. 4. Focus on one thing at a time – With the number of hats entrepreneurs must wear to run a business, it’s easy to have dozens of tasks that need to be done at any given moment. However, your level of focus is a major contributor to your level of productivity, and it’s important to prioritize and focus on completing the most important tasks first before moving on. 5. Develop a morning ritual – the importance of morning rituals. Developing a strong morning ritual helps you craft a better, more productive day while also alleviating stress. 6. Disconnect – In today’s hyper-connected world we’re almost always tethered to technology. You see it everywhere. At a park, restaurant, or special event, heads down in a glowing screen, flicking the reload. Resist the urge. Your personal time should be yours. It shouldn’t belong to a social network or your email inbox. Walking the dog? Leave your phone at home. At a restaurant with your significant other? They’re the only person you need to be connected with at that time, turn off your phone. 7. Remove apps – For many people, their smartphone is no longer a tool. It’s just a focus-sucking bad habit with the ability to download more bad habits for it. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself which apps provide you with true value and which apps are solely sucking your time and causing you stress. Many apps are designed with notification loops that keep you checking, reloading and replying. 8. Designate work hours – It’s difficult in today’s world with the constant dings of email and social network notifications to not reply when someone comes it. However, setting boundaries when it comes to the hours you work can be critical to your sanity and success. Consider setting work boundaries for each work day and if possible, select one day of the week that you do absolutely no work. 9. Think output, not input – The Pareto Principle, also known as 80/20 rule can be applied to so many situations and applying it to help you find work-life balance is no different. Look at all your activities for your business and focus one the one that give you the most significant results while removing the ones that have proved to have little effect on moving the needle. For example, is your business on multiple social networks and you spend a significant amount of time Instagramming and Pinning, Vining and Periscoping? Scale back. Choose just one or two channels that are sending you the most customers and ignore the rest. 10. Automate as much as possible – You have the same amount of hours in a day as the world’s biggest and most successful entrepreneurs. The difference is many of them have mastered automation and systems to get more done. There are many tools that can help you automate various tasks related to your business. Learn them. Remember, The 4-Hour Work Week was less a book about building online businesses and more about business system automation. Re-read it. Conclusion In entrepreneurship, there’s always more to do, and there’s never enough time. That’s entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs will at some point work too much, too long and too hard, burning themselves out. While the hustle is important, especially in the early stages of a new business, what’s important is to recognize when productivity, health and relationships with those around you begin to dip and do a course correction. Using some of the simple methods outlined in this post, you can achieve a better work-life balance to stay productive, happy and healthy so you can keep building your business and not burnout. To learn more about how to manage the perfect Work-Life Balance – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To your success Lise Gottlieb Source: Richard Lazazzera, [...] Read more...
Struggling to bring in new clients? Not sure what to do next in your marketing plan? There’s one simple answer you probably haven’t considered: Write a book. It’s true. This one thing—especially if it’s an actual printed book rather than a Kindle or eBook—has the power to grow your business beyond your expectations. You’ll experience a whole new world of opportunities simply by having your name on the cover of a book. Authority Imagine you’re at a conference or local networking group and you meet two coaches who both specialize in business branding—something you know you need help with. One coach says all the right things. She’s been in business for years and worked with some top-notch business owners. She has great ideas for how she can help you solidify your branding. The other has a similar history and story, with one added bonus: she’s just handed you a copy of her latest book. It’s a professionally printed, substantial publication that practically exudes confidence. Which coach do you think shows more authority in her field? The one with the book, of course. There really is nothing better when it comes to establishing your authority in any niche than having a book with your name on it. Expertise So why does a book speak so highly of you and establish your authority so well? Because it gives you a platform to show off your expertise. It’s like being invited to present on any topic you choose on the world’s largest stage. Not only that, but your readers are a captive audience. They’re listening—in that moment—only to you. That’s a powerful position to be in, and one that gives you an opportunity to really show off your stuff. Market Reach No matter how many readers Google sends your way, no matter how much traffic your YouTube channel receives, nothing will ever compare to the number of potential readers Amazon and other online booksellers can bring your way. Positioned correctly, your book can reach millions of new readers, and thousands of potential clients. Combine that with the expertise and authority we know comes with being a published author, and that’s a recipe for success that can’t be beat. Better Than a Business Card If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ve no doubt collected a stack of business cards. You get home and toss them in a drawer, and six months later you throw them out, without ever having contacted the people who gave them to you. But if one of those people handed you a book instead, what happened? You’ve likely read it (or at least leafed through it). You almost certainly didn’t throw it away. And you remember it—and the person who wrote it. Press Opportunities Turn on your television to any interview show, browse through Huffington Post, or listen to any of a number of popular podcasts, and you’ll quickly see that most of the guest speakers and interviewees have written a book. The fact is, interview shows depend on interesting, insightful guests to keep their audiences listening, and there’s no better applicant than an author. Writing a book will open up many, many opportunities for appearances that you may never have without your name on that cover. Do you have to write a book to be successful? No. But there’s no denying the fact that a published author will find she has a much easier time growing her business than the coach who keeps putting it off until later. To learn more about how to get started building authority and write a book – get your FREE Strategy Session HERE To Your Success Lise Gottlieb [...] Read more...
Instagram is the fastest growing social network with over 400 million active users! Engagement levels 52 times greater than Facebook and 127 times greater then Twitter. It’s no wonder that 90% of the worlds top brands are on Instagram making millions of dollars from this untapped platform (And YOU are about to also). It makes sense why Instagram is now the GO TO social network for 85% of the worlds top companies. My friend Luke Maguire created this awesome new tool to set your Instagram engagements on 24/7 Autopilot & bring in traffic, leads & sales starting today… It’s that Easy. Instagram is whats going to make YOU money… It’s As Simple As That. Check it out here 85% of the world’s top brands are marketing on Instagram. But it’s still untapped by most independent marketers. With a user base over 50 times MORE engaged than Facebook, it makes sense to get in front of this audience. Quick tips about Instagram: => the fastest way to grow your audience and organic traffic is to engage with other users => it’s one of few networks where you can see who’s following your competition and engage with those followers directly So do it right, and you can ethically steal traffic from the competition. >> Click here for all the free traffic you can handle! This 1st-ever Instagram automation tool builds your accounts for you, 24/7. By engaging with users in any niche you choose. Resulting in hundreds of thousands of visits to your sites & offers. Build a list, build your brand, make more commissions & sales – without paying a dime for ads. Limited launch special means ALL upgrades included in the front end price. Results on day 1 – guaranteed. >> Watch the demo to see how easy it is! Cheers, Lise ** Check it out HERE [...] Read more...
Ever wanted to manage your own Fantastic 4? Or have an office full of Marvel and DC superheroes who could manage every part of your online business? Well, now you can. In this article, I’m going to show you how to build your own team of superheroes. FIND YOU WEAK LINK Before you do anything else, write a list of all the marketing-related things you are not good at or you think someone else could do better. For example, do you manage all your own social media profiles or write your own marketing materials and email newsletters? How much do you really know about writing killer subject lines, email segmentation, and direct-response writing? Start by writing a list of tasks that you or your team are currently doing which you think could be done better. Your (or your team’s) time will be better spent working on marketing areas that play to their strengths. Then get external help or hire new talent for any remaining areas. Remember, it’s impossible to be a superhero at every marketing task. EVERYBODY IN YOUR TEAM IS A SUPERHERO With the right training and practice, everyone can be good at something. Hiring an outside expert can be an expensive option that many cannot afford, whereas training your internal employees on certain marketing areas can be just as effective and cost a lot less. Consider writing content guides for each marketing task (SEO, blog writing, email, etc.) for employees to follow. Then if an employee is promoted or needs to be replaced, you don’t have to train from scratch. Your new team member can jump right in by using the existing style guide. Think of a style guide as a superhero suit, anyone who follows it becomes a superhero for that task. LET THEM TAKE CHARGE As a business owner, it can be a bitter pill to swallow to let an employee have complete control of certain parts of your business. But remember why you put them in charge (because they know more than you.) The fastest way to turn your superhero team into mere mortals is to micromanage them and change the way they work to suit you. If they aren’t producing results, then you should chime in and search for the problem and the potential solution. REAL SUPERHEROES WORK TOGETHER You’d be surprised at how many businesses have separate departments from SEO, paid search, social media marketing and customer support who never talk or share information with each other. A great superhero team can work with all aspects of your business and strive towards the same goal. Even Batman needed help from Robin from time to time. THE BEST SUPERHEROES AREN’T PERFECT If your employee doesn’t have a weakness then they cannot be a superhero. Just like Superman had Kryptonite, your superhero’s weakness may be SEO, paid search marketing or branding. A digital marketing superhero should be truly remarkable at one aspect of digital marketing. In today’s marketing world you can’t expect a single person to perform to the highest levels at every task, there’s just too many things to master. They should be focusing heavily on one area and be the superhero of the department. Don’t look to hire an SEO expert and feel they are under qualified or not right for your business because they fail to understand branding on Twitter or copywriting. As marketing continues to grow and reach new levels, and technology changes the way businesses and customers build relationships, you will need a few Batmen and Wonder Women in your marketing team should you ever want to get above and beyond your competitors. If you want to learn how to do this in your business – Get in contact here!   What do you think makes a marketing superhero? Leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts. [...] Read more...
At one point, the symbol # replaced the word “number” or indicated a note one-half step higher in music. However, in social media, users have adopted this sign as a way of linking tweets, posts, and pictures together. If your business plans to enter the world of Twitter—or most other social media websites nowadays—you need to get a grip on this little symbol. Start with our guide to all things hashtag, and find out much four lines can change your business. HASHTAGS—WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR? When you scroll through Facebook, you may have seen your 15-year-old niece leave a bunch of hashtags after her status update. You don’t have to be as hashtag happy as younger online users, but this popular punctuation mark does serve many purposes—even for companies. TO CONNECT USERS TO TRENDING TOPICS Since the beginning, hashtags have always accomplished one thing: they take millions of individual tweets and form them into conversations. On any platform, you can click on a hashtag and see other messages using the same hashtag. Look to the left of your Twitter profile or the right of your Facebook newsfeed to see what’s trending. And now I just realized it’s #NationalCatDay. TO CAPTURE LIVE EVENTS While you’re watching your favorite TV drama, you may have noticed a small hashtag in the corner of the screen (like #Empire or #SharkTank). No, something isn’t going wrong with your normal broadcast. Networks promote these hashtags to encourage conversation about their shows as the action’s happening. Some shows even highlight specific episodes or moments. The Walking Dead hyped up the new season with #TWDPremiere, and Scandal asks fans to guess what happens next with hashtags like #WhoIsTheMole and #WhoShotFitz. Similarly, businesses can use hashtags to show what’s happening within the company and humanize their image. Are you attending a conference? Find the hashtag everyone is using, and post quotes or your takeaways from the panels. Are you hosting a holiday party? Create a hashtag, so your employees can post pictures or videos of the event. TO INVITE STORIES AND EXPERIENCES To explain this approach, let’s consider Jimmy Fallon, the late-night host with the most, or at least the largest social media following. Every week on The Tonight Show, Fallon presents a hashtag like #MomTexts or #ThatWasStupid, which inevitably starts trending worldwide. These hashtags prompt viewers to submit their hilarious stories like the following: From @fancypantsLATX: One year, I got the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” from FIVE different people. Message received. #worstgiftever From @c_walk: The chant in Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” as “I’m ashamed of the side of my moccasins.” #misheardlyrics From @katebowers: Every morning I’d wake up and find a Polaroid picture on my chest of me sleeping #MyRoommateIsWeird With this aspect of hashtags, you don’t have to come up with any content beyond the hashtag itself—you rely on your followers to submit engaging comments and stories. For example, Travelocity employed this principle with the hashtag #IWannaGo, so followers would reveal their dream destinations. TO ATTRACT MORE ATTENTION On a search results page, which are you more likely to click: the result with merely text or the result with an image, pricing information, and star ratings? Hashtags make your tweets stand out in a similar way. RadiumOne reported that more than 70% of consumers are willing to explore new content when that content contains a hashtag. Now that people regularly use hashtags, content feels a little bare without them. TO GIVE AN ASIDE In my personal life, I’ve noticed that people often use hashtags like a parenthetical statement or some joke they mutter to themselves after the actual comment, like #kidding or #spoketoosoon. These hashtags are not meant to connect conversations, but they could still help businesses show more personality. #DOTHIS CREATE YOUR OWN HASHTAGS If you want the benefits above, start a hashtag and inspire more discussion about your company or products. Some companies use their own company name (e.g. #Oreo). But more often, they use hashtags with company slogans (e.g. #MakeItHappy, #ThisIsHowWeBoost) or calls to action (e.g. #PutACanOnIt). When you create a hashtag, remember to: Write it as one word. Spaces, punctuation, or other special characters break the hashtag. Most people use lowercase, but you can capitalize words if the capitalization improves readability. Check whether someone could misread your hashtag. In Switzerland, whose official country name abbreviates to CH, a marketing team decided to use the hashtag #hobbitch to advertise the new Hobbit A little foresight could have prevented unintentional swearing. Use the same tone as your other marketing initiatives. DiGiorno—you know, that brand of pizza you pop in the oven when you don’t feel like cooking—created the hashtag #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT. That funny, clever voice wouldn’t work everywhere, but it did in this case. Not every hashtag will take off, but keep trying! Invite others to use the hashtag through a tweet or post, and if a hashtag does stick, use it on flyers, on billboards, or in your other marketing efforts. ENGAGE AND SEE WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT YOU Encourage the people who use your hashtags. Like, favorite, or reply to those posts. Rather than contact you directly—by posting in your Facebook group or adding your username to a tweet—users may use one of your hashtags when they want to say something about your company. Listen, and respond if a customer gives you feedback or experiences an issue. START A SERIES OF CONTENT If you plan a series of similar posts, link those posts with a hashtag. At Boostability, we have a few ongoing hashtags, such as: #SocialTip—tips on improving communication, especially through social media #BoostJams—themed music playlists from employees #BoostForThought—questions to ponder This method helps customers anticipate and become excited about the next item in the series, and it gives some leverage to your previous content. If your customers like one post, they can find every other post in the series by clicking on the hashtag. USE OTHER HASHTAGS RELEVANT TO YOUR INDUSTRY Twitter processes 2.1 million search queries every day. While far from Google’s 3.5 million searches per day, this statistic shows that a fair amount of users turn to Twitter to learn more about the world around them. And similar to search engine optimization, you can include keywords to make sure the right people find your content. Hashtags are those keywords. If you work in real estate, use hashtags like #realestate, #realtor, #justlisted, or #househunting. If you work in a restaurant, use hashtags like #whatsfordinner or #yum. Search on Twitter to see which hashtags industry leaders use. You can jump on a few of those worldwide trending hashtags, too. For example, as I’m writing this post, the hashtag #MakeMondayBetterIn3Words is trending. Nearly any business can write a response that applies to their work. My local library responded with “Books books books.” A recording studio put “Free Alessia tickets!” A Jared Leto fan website (talk about a niche market) even replied with “Jared Leto’s smile.” Stick with your brand message. You may have a clever response, but unless it applies to your company and its motives, tweet it from your personal account. Also, don’t respond to every trending hashtag you see, as that tactic comes off insincere. #DON’TDOTHIS DON’T USE TOO MANY HASHTAGS Remember our earlier statistic that tweets with hashtags receive twice the amount of engagement? Buddy Media also found that tweets with more than two hashtags drop 17% in engagement. Though Jimmy Fallon starts plenty of hashtags on his own, he also pokes fun at people who get carried away: So chill out. Find the two most relevant hashtags, and put the rest of your 140 characters to better use. Similarly, don’t #hashtag #random words in your #sentences. Most hashtags fall after your main tweet, though you could incorporate one hashtag in the middle of your message if it fits naturally. DON’T USE A HASHTAG UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS You see the trending topics worldwide, and you think of the potential millions who could see your tweet if you add the same hashtag. Be careful. Many popular brands botched their reputations by making light of a serious hashtag. For example: #notguilty was trending during the Casey Anthony trial. Baked goods manufacturer Entenmann’s posted, “Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!” #Aurora was trending after the 2012 shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Celeb Boutique posted, “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ???? Shop:…” In 2014, Twitter users started the hashtag #WhyIStayed to talk about domestic abuse. DiGiorno Pizza contributed with the tweet, “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.” Don’t let one misunderstood hashtag damage your reputation. Do your research. If you find that the hashtag relates to a sensitive situation, only tweet if the event clearly connects to your business or audience. DON’T LET HASHTAGS TURN TO BASHTAGS Some corporate hashtags flop—and some backfire. The classic example of this is #McDStories. McDonalds wanted customers to share their experiences at the fast-food restaurant. The shake during a perfect road trip. The time you ate a Happy Meal every week to get the newest Beanie Baby toys (or is that just me?). Instead, customers talked about someone finding a fingernail in the French fries, a case of food poisoning, and other stories. Similarly, J.P. Morgan started the hashtag #AskJPM. People asked their questions all right, like “How come, despite your massive mortgage and derivatives frauds which caused the 08 crash, none of you are in prison?” Understand what your audience thinks of you before you open up the gateway for intense public criticism. HASHTAG AWAY One little hashtag can hold a lot of weight. Plan ahead, and use the tips above to elevate your social media campaign! If you want to learn how to use hashtag in your business – Get in contact here! Thanks to: Author SHANNON WILLIAMS [...] Read more...
In the book Open Your Mind, Open Your Life: A Book of Eastern Wisdom, Mahatma Gandhi said, “Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” So often we become inundated with mundane tasks that we establish habits that detract from our overall ability. These habits, if not corrected, become a prison on mediocrity that ensnares us, making it impossible to reach our true destiny. So as you’re pursuing greatness, avoid these six habits. 1. TRYING TO MAKE THINGS PERFECT Knowing the difference between good and good enough is not as easy as it sounds. While you should always strive to do your best, realize that some tasks simply require completion, not perfection. And when you spend too much time perfecting a completion task, you waste time that could be spent doing something more important. One example of this in my own life is when I send emails. I used to write multiple drafts of an email because I wanted the person receiving the email to take my message a certain way. And sometimes, your messages need to be perfect. But I found myself drafting multiple emails about things as innocuous as informing a co-worker that our meeting changed from 9:00 to 9:45. Perfectionism in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. But when it causes you to waste time on the unimportant, it’s a habit that you need to break. 2. BEING NEGATIVE No one likes to be around a Debbie Downer or a Negative Norman. These are the people in your office who only see the cup as half-empty. These people also tend to stay in the same position, seemingly unable to move from one level to another. No one wants to be in the same position forever. One of the best ways to move from one level to the next, aside from performing exceptionally at your job, is staying positive in the face of adversity. A positive attitude can go a long way with those you manage, your peers, and your supervisors. Your employees will see your attitude as faith in their ability to accomplish hard things. Your peers will see your attitude as confidence in your team’s ability to get the task done. Your supervisor will see your attitude and think of someone who is capable and competent. 3. SAYING NO Did you ever see the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man? It’s about a man who was so used to saying no that it stopped him from living his life. He would find excuses to avoid friends and loved ones. He said no to so much that his friends stopped calling, his girlfriend broke up with him, and he was in danger of losing his job. Jim Carrey’s character takes a self-help class that gets him to say yes to everything. Of course, this mantra takes him on a series of life-changing events that helps him be a better friend, a better partner, and a better employee. If you are in the habit of saying no, you can find yourself in a position like the main character in this movie. You can miss wonderful growth opportunities. Even if saying yes doesn’t always lead you to bigger and better things, it can show your interest in the world around you. So the next time your manager needs a volunteer for a special project, say yes and see where the opportunity takes you. 4. SEEING THINGS IN BINARY There is a great line from a little-known movie that says, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” It’s not uncommon for people to see the world in black and white. But rarely are our choices so two-dimensional. Not only do choices come in shades of gray, but they also come in a rainbow of other hues. By looking at life in black or white, you really miss out on the vibrancy of the greater picture. And when you can see those different color patterns, you will begin to appreciate the variety of choices available to you. 5. LOSING FOCUS OF YOUR GOALS Work is distracting. It is easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day things that zap your time. Whether it’s answering an onslaught of emails, addressing the needs of your employees, or managing the expectations of your superiors, it’s difficult to keep your goals a priority. The most important thing to do when identifying the things you want in life is to write them down. This is the first step to setting a goal. If you never write your goal down, how can you measure it? Once you’ve written your ambitions down somewhere, review them periodically. That way they are always on the forefront of your mind. The next step to achieving your goals is to prioritize your time so the right things get enough attention. If you spend your day sending and receiving less important emails, you will never get to the more important project. Schedule time each day to work toward a goal, and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish. 6. DOING EVERYTHING YOURSELF No one is an island, or at least no one should be. When I was hired for my most recent position, the hiring manager gave me one important piece of advice: “If you try and do everything yourself, you will fail. Find qualified people to work with and trust them to do what you assign them to.” I’ve taken his advice to heart. Since then, I have led a team of exceptional workers. Together, our team has accomplished a great deal of challenging tasks. We’ve revamped our new-hire training process. We’ve increased the quality and quantity of finished daily tasks. And we’ve made huge advances in an internal training platform we will be implementing later this fall. By relying on capable colleagues, I have been able to do more than I originally anticipated. If you are in the habit of doing everything yourself, find capable people and delegate your workload.   The activities we repeat daily become our habits. Fill your life with good habits, and you will find yourself on the road to a positive destiny.   If you want to learn how to do this in your business – Get in contact here!   Thanks to Author THADDAEUS BRODRICK [...] Read more...
Do you know how you’re probably signed up to all kinds of newsletters? Maybe some of them are ones you want to be on, or maybe some are things that you’ve gotten automatically added to after you bought something. Maybe some of them are just spam. Whatever the reason, the odds are you’re on a lot of lists – and they’re a MAJOR time suck. When thinking about your email inbox, if you’re like most people, it probably stresses you out. You may have countless emails that you have yet to respond to – which triggers feelings of guilt, overwhelm, anxiety… Yet at the same time, even with all the stress around email, we STILL get a hit of dopamine (a pleasure chemical in your brain) every time we see a new email appear in our inbox. So, let’s say you have your email client opened up in a tab in your browser. Every time you get a new email, you get a surge of dopamine that makes you feel emotionally aroused and happier. It only lasts for a few seconds, but it’s enough to get most people to stop what they’re doing and see who the new email is from. The problem with this is that it constantly derails you from focusing. I’ve heard different experts say it takes between 7 to 21 minutes to get your focus back after you get side-tracked by something. (There’s also endless research on why multitasking is bad for you, but that’s a whole new story.) The other issue with email is that your emails can constantly create bright, shiny objects for you to look at. You might be focused on one thing, but then see a sale for something else, and end up heading to a new site. As you know “Email is everyone else’s agenda for me.” All this said – no matter how you look at it, email can create problems. Minimizing yours is a good thing. So, when you sign up to, you sync it with your email provider. It will log into your account for you (you can find out all about the security here: https:// faq/ security), and it will find every single email newsletter you’re subscribed to. If you’re like most people, there are probably hundreds or thousands of lists that you’re subscribed to. Every single list that you’re subscribed to will be presented to you in a list format, and you can quickly click a button for every newsletter you’d like to unsubscribe from. You see the lists, then you can just click “Unsubscribe” very quickly. You can unsubscribe from 100 + lists in the matter of minutes, and cut off things that you’re not even looking at normally anyway, but are just taking up your psychic energy. The other thing you can do, if you don’t want to unsubscribe, is use their “daily rollup” service. With that, you choose certain subscriptions that you want to be rolled into one daily email. Let’s say you want to be on 50 different newsletters. You can get all of them put into ONE daily rollup, sent to you at the same time every day. With the rollup, instead of getting 50 new emails per day, you just get one. There are a few best practices to make sure you get the most from There are a few best practices to make sure you get the most from Put as many newsletters as possible into your daily rollup if you’re not willing to unsubscribe from them. The more newsletters in your rollup, the less times you’ll get interrupted. Know that this will show that your account is logging in from multiple locations. If you’re logged into gmail, there’s a section on the bottom right hand side that tells you how many people are logged into your account and from where. Be aware that will make it look like you have multiple people in your inbox, because it’s constantly logged in, scanning your inbox, and pulling any newsletters that are meant to go into the daily rollup. Know the security implications. All said, I consider Unroll to be pretty safe. They use authentication services whenever possible. But if you’d like to read their (short) section on security, you can do so right here: https:// faq/ security To get started using this service, just head over to For more great tips, follow me on Facebook!   Source: Rofe, Rachel (2014-09-12). Websites That Make Life Easier [...] Read more...
We all want more customers. It doesn’t matter who you are — baker, butcher, or anonymous computer hacker.  Getting more consumers is an all-consuming part of everything that you do. And that’s pretty logical. Without customers you find yourself out of work gasping for air. So it’s only natural that you perk up when the topic of winning friends comes around. Heck, you can always learn something from the experts, right? Which is even more troubling because most of what is currently being shelled out as advice is really a pitch to buy a “7 step” CD series on social media advertising. Too late you wake up way too busy, a smidge poorer, and wondering how all the tweeting and Facebook posting is getting you anything more than arthritis in your fingers. So let’s be frank. You can have more customers than you ever imagined.  You can be in the nice position to tell people “NO”. You can be madly successful without selling your soul. And here are a few ways to do that: 1. Stop needing new customers. That’s right.  Stop being so damn needy. It’s a bad stink that buyers pick up on the first time they start dealing with you.  And it’s not just you networking like a maniac or tossing business cards at anyone within five feet of you, it’s the fact that you send horrible email marketing talking about how deals are “closing fast”. That stuff just doesn’t work any more. (And it quite possibly never did work) Be busy helping people for free.  Give until it hurts.  Sure you need to ask for the deal and get paid, but you also need to stop acting like you not landing this next new customer is going to make you go bankrupt. If that’s really the case, then shame on you.  Don’t take it out on unsuspecting new prospects. 2. Qualify new customers like they’re enemies. Make it a rigorous process for you to do business with new customers. One of the reasons that you don’t have time to go prospect for new business is that you are trying to take care of the nonsensical demands of bad clients you shouldn’t be doing business with in the first place. Your time is valuable.  In fact, it’s more valuable than the incremental revenue you might lose by saying “NO” to the occasional business riff-raff looking to beat you up. Take the time to learn what you’re really, really good at.  And then start taking on new customers that need that value.  Not only will you be happy, your clients will be ecstatic at the outrageous results you’ll be getting for them. 3. Deliver way more value than customers deserve. There is something simply magical about having your expectations blown away. It’s the chocolate mint on your hotel room pillow.  It’s getting your package a day earlier than you expected. Right? It’s hard to describe the delight at getting more than you paid for. Most of us are so focused on profit and loss and “what is fair” that we neglect the opportunity to create raving fans.  And these raving fans are the evangelists who will get other people excited about what you do. And that excitement and loyalty isn’t something that you can buy or market. It can only happen when you over-deliver on the value you promise. 4. Treat referrals like gold. Referrals aren’t a name and number or email address on a piece of paper.  They are the next generation of buyers for your company Treat them super-duper special. And you know what that means.  That means that you build a relationship with them before pitching the heck out of your merchandise. Sure you need to get down to business fast and not just talk about the “weather” or “pictures of your kids”; but you also need to learn “why” those prospects might be good fit for you savvy products. Part of that respect and relationship has to do with follow-up.  Instead of just dashing off a single email or making a call ad leaving a voicemail, put in the effort to follow-up with them five to six times. Remember, these are prime opportunities, not just “leads”. 5. Be something that matters. Customers are tired of you being boring. Have a higher calling than simply making more money and taking bigger vacations.  Get obsessed with changing the world around you. Stop going through the motions of calling your products “better” and challenge your team to “be” better. It’s the words you say.  It’s the unselfish attitude you have.  It’s the kindness you show. Money is just a way to help others.  Remember that. Getting rich is a state of mind.  You start by planning to enrich the lives of others. And that goal, without question, is the most attractive quality any business can ever have.   That’s the kind of business customers want to be a part of. You can have more. You can grow your business farther and faster than you ever imagined. But it requires you to “be” a better business-person. Are you up for that challenge? Resently I read “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann, which these 5 tips above is all about. It’s a great little story about a powerful business idea – go get it here: To your success Lise Gottlieb This post originally appeared at Edgy Conversations. [...] Read more...
If you have been blogging for a while, you have probably experienced writer’s blog at least once. This is a terrible condition to deal with, and it can harm your blog if it begins effecting your consistency. Fear not, however, as there are many places to search for inspiration that will allow you to overcome the block and have the words flowing again. 1. Your own life. If you are a personal blogger or one that like to weave your own experiences into the posts you publish, think about the things that are currently going on in your life. Expand your thought process to the lives of your family members and friends as well. Thinking about real life can help spark an idea for problems that need solving or stories that others would enjoy reading on your blog. 2. Magazines. Check out magazines centered around your blog’s niche if you need content ideas. There are publications for almost every relatively popular topic out there, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to write from one of them. Consider the cover page and the article ideas that are mentioned there as well as the table of contents. 3. News stories. There are always strange and bizarre things happening in the world, so stay up to date on the latest news to overcome writer’s block. No matter your niche topic, there are always things going on that you can relate to your blog. 4. Social media networks. Facebook and Pinterest can bring a wealth of ideas if you take an hour to browse through each site. Hashtags work on both sites, and can be valuable if you want to search for specific topics. The articles and updates shared on social media sites vary greatly since there’s so many people on them. You are bound to find something work blogging about on any of these websites. 5. PLR Content. Private label rights content can be a blogger’s paradise. These articles or ebooks have been written and sold with the idea that the buyers can share them as they like. Therefore, the content has already been written for you. All you need to do is reword it to make it you own and publish as a blog post. 6. Answer sites. If you enjoy writing about solutions to common problems found in your niche, visit Yahoo! Answers or a similar website for ideas. Many people come to these sites to solve issues, and you can turn just about any question into a blog post of your own. There are many places to look when you need new blog post ideas. Start a list and add to it as you browse the locations listed above. Keep the list handy and refer to it whenever you need some inspiration as to what to write. Be sure to add to it anytime you come up with new ideas but do not have time to write them at the moment. Check out the most easy and comprehensive blogging platform to use here! Let  me know what you think. Please comment below! Make it a great day! Lise Gottlieb Phone: Skype: lise.gottlieb PS: Here is a cool tool to get some free trafic – check it out HERE [...] Read more...



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