Ever wanted to manage your own Fantastic 4? Or have an office full of Marvel and DC superheroes who could manage every part of your online business? Well, now you can.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to build your own team of superheroes.


Before you do anything else, write a list of all the marketing-related things you are not good at or you think someone else could do better.

For example, do you manage all your own social media profiles or write your own marketing materials and email newsletters?

How much do you really know about writing killer subject lines, email segmentation, and direct-response writing? Start by writing a list of tasks that you or your team are currently doing which you think could be done better.

Your (or your team’s) time will be better spent working on marketing areas that play to their strengths. Then get external help or hire new talent for any remaining areas.
Remember, it’s impossible to be a superhero at every marketing task.


With the right training and practice, everyone can be good at something. Hiring an outside expert can be an expensive option that many cannot afford, whereas training your internal employees on certain marketing areas can be just as effective and cost a lot less.
Consider writing content guides for each marketing task (SEO, blog writing, email, etc.) for employees to follow. Then if an employee is promoted or needs to be replaced, you don’t have to train from scratch. Your new team member can jump right in by using the existing style guide.

Think of a style guide as a superhero suit, anyone who follows it becomes a superhero for that task.


As a business owner, it can be a bitter pill to swallow to let an employee have complete control of certain parts of your business. But remember why you put them in charge (because they know more than you.) The fastest way to turn your superhero team into mere mortals is to micromanage them and change the way they work to suit you.

If they aren’t producing results, then you should chime in and search for the problem and the potential solution.


You’d be surprised at how many businesses have separate departments from SEO, paid search, social media marketing and customer support who never talk or share information with each other.

A great superhero team can work with all aspects of your business and strive towards the same goal. Even Batman needed help from Robin from time to time.


If your employee doesn’t have a weakness then they cannot be a superhero. Just like Superman had Kryptonite, your superhero’s weakness may be SEO, paid search marketing or branding.

A digital marketing superhero should be truly remarkable at one aspect of digital marketing. In today’s marketing world you can’t expect a single person to perform to the highest levels at every task, there’s just too many things to master.

They should be focusing heavily on one area and be the superhero of the department. Don’t look to hire an SEO expert and feel they are under qualified or not right for your business because they fail to understand branding on Twitter or copywriting.

As marketing continues to grow and reach new levels, and technology changes the way businesses and customers build relationships, you will need a few Batmen and Wonder Women in your marketing team should you ever want to get above and beyond your competitors.

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