The other day a student of mine wrote to me and asked what topic his next ebook should be on.

Well, I asked, what ideas are you considering?

He named a half dozen topics in a half dozen different niches. His plan was to eventually write all of these books in all of these niches.

I know he didn’t like my answer, but here it is:

Focus! Pick ONE niche and go deep, deep, deep into the niche. Become THE expert in that niche, the one everyone turns to for answers.

Here’s what happens when you’re in several different niches…

You are promoting several different products to several different audiences.


For each audience, you have to set up a separate website and autoresponder. You have to write different emails for each list, and source different products to promote, and be an expert in each and every niche.

And when you try to make a sale, you are always selling to NEW people who don’t know you, because they haven’t bought your other books or products because they’re in a different niche.


You have to set up separate ad campaigns and have separate funnels for each niche.


Cripes, the list goes on and on.

Basically, instead of having ONE business and selling to the same customers over and over again, you are simultaneously running several businesses, multiplying your attention and your work accordingly.


You need more resources, more knowledge and more time to make this viable. And for all your effort you will end up making LESS money with a LOT MORE work.


Forget going wide. Forget covering a half dozen different niches. Pick one niche and go deep, deep, DEEP.

I will love to hear your point of view whether you agree or not. Please share with me in the comments below.

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