I am so excieted to see that my Crowdfunding book “How To Get Crowdfunding Fast & Easy” is in the top 15 of Best Crowdfunding Books.

In this new article “Best Crowdfunding Books Of 2018 – 15 Crowdfunding Must-Reads” by Nathan Rose, my book is still in the top of what startups, fundraisers and business people should read, to get started with online crowdfunding.

Nathan Rose is the author of “Equity Crowdfunding”, “The Crypto Intro” and is currently working on the upcoming book “Citizens of the World”, and he says: Anyone interested in startups, fundraising and alternative finance should devour every last scrap of knowledge available. There is much to learn, and that’s where books about crowdfunding come in. All of these best crowdfunding books are worth reading for anyone wanting to raise money online!

The 15 Best Crowdfunding Books

Crowdfunding comes in many different forms – there is crowdfunding for pre-ordered products, crowdfunding for startups, and crowdfunding for social impact.

But one thing that all forms of crowdfunding have in common is that most people have very little experience with it. Crowdfunding isn’t something that you do every day – most campaigns are doing it for the very first time, and may very well never do it again. It isn’t like sales, or social media, where experience can be built up over time with repeated practice. With crowdfunding, you get one shot – so everything must be done right, first time.

Luckily, you do not need to fly blind. You don’t need to make your own mistakes – you can learn from the mistakes of others. This is where the best crowdfunding books come in. They collect the wisdom accumulated from past crowdfunding campaigns, and show readers how to do it right. All the best crowdfunding books in this list feature careful research from their respective authors. Together, they contain extremely valuable knowledge that every crowdfunder ought to take advantage of.

The tendency today about crowd sourcing everything is increasing, and it help to give us all more of what we want like more traveling, more new ideas turned into projects and businesses, more fonding, helping more people. It is a great way for all of us to achieve more happiness when we share and give.





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