If you have been blogging for a while, you have probably experienced writer’s blog at least once. This is a terrible condition to deal with, and it can harm your blog if it begins effecting your consistency. Fear not, however, as there are many places to search for inspiration that will allow you to overcome the block and have the words flowing again.

1. Your own life. If you are a personal blogger or one that like to weave your own experiences into the posts you publish, think about the things that are currently going on in your life. Expand your thought process to the lives of your family members and friends as well. Thinking about real life can help spark an idea for problems that need solving or stories that others would enjoy reading on your blog.

2. Magazines. Check out magazines centered around your blog’s niche if you need content ideas. There are publications for almost every relatively popular topic out there, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to write from one of them. Consider the cover page and the article ideas that are mentioned there as well as the table of contents.

3. News stories. There are always strange and bizarre things happening in the world, so stay up to date on the latest news to overcome writer’s block. No matter your niche topic, there are always things going on that you can relate to your blog.

4. Social media networks. Facebook and Pinterest can bring a wealth of ideas if you take an hour to browse through each site. Hashtags work on both sites, and can be valuable if you want to search for specific topics. The articles and updates shared on social media sites vary greatly since there’s so many people on them. You are bound to find something work blogging about on any of these websites.

5. PLR Content. Private label rights content can be a blogger’s paradise. These articles or ebooks have been written and sold with the idea that the buyers can share them as they like. Therefore, the content has already been written for you. All you need to do is reword it to make it you own and publish as a blog post.

6. Answer sites. If you enjoy writing about solutions to common problems found in your niche, visit Yahoo! Answers or a similar website for ideas. Many people come to these sites to solve issues, and you can turn just about any question into a blog post of your own.

There are many places to look when you need new blog post ideas. Start a list and add to it as you browse the locations listed above. Keep the list handy and refer to it whenever you need some inspiration as to what to write. Be sure to add to it anytime you come up with new ideas but do not have time to write them at the moment.

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