The first hours of the day are where heroes are made. If you want to master your life, start by owning the mornings. Freedom from distraction at 5 a.m. will allow you to build your creativity, maximize your fitness and protect your serenity in an age of complexity.


Once upon a time, there was a billionaire. He had reached the true elite, achieving epic results in both professional and personal spheres. He was a man who would leave a legacy for the world. But the secret to his success was a surprising one. He attributed his success not to his natural talents, nor to the hours he had invested in his work. He attributed it to a revolutionary morning routine, built around rising at 5 a.m. and following a little known formula designed to turbocharge his mental focus, build his physical fitness and encourage him to be his best self-day in and day out.


With this summary, you too can join the 5AM Club. You can learn how to rise each day and embrace the solitude, silence and lack of distraction the early hours of the morning can offer. Read on, and you’ll learn how true elite performers in all walks of life get ahead by making the most of a time of day that others use to sleep, waste time watching the news, or browse social media.


My first though was: It would have been much easier and engaging if it were written as a good-old-fashioned non-fiction/self-help/psychology book.


The story revolves around the person artist and entrepreneur both attend the teaching of spellbinder (motivational speaker) and where they meet billionaires (Mr. Riley stone). Both entrepreneur and artist will fall in love, the journey of learning about technique of 5AM Club and other self help techniques.

The story travel to various place Mauritius, India to visit Taj Mahal, Rome in Italy, Brazil (Sao Paulo) and South Africa for Robbin island (place where Nelson Mandela jailed). For learning the technique and importance of 5AM Club.

The book is called, “The 5am Club – Own Your Morning Elevate Your Life” by Robin Sharma.

In this book you’ll learn:


  • why freedom from distraction helps you to achieve better results;
  • why slowing down your brain through transient hypofrontality is so important; and
  • how to build the routine of an elite performer
You might be thinking, what’s in it for me? Why do I have to wake up at 5am every morning?

Wake up at 5am to train, practice, and prepare for the day. But, why so early?! The bed is so comfy and it is tough to get up at 5am!

You know, willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it throughout the day, the less your energy. So, you have to take advantage of your energy’s prime time – 5 to 8am.

Here are some quick tips you’ll find in the book:


According to the latest studies, it takes 66 days to install a new habit. This means you have to surpass 66 days of waking up at 5am to hardwire it in the brain.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but you can start by setting your alarm at 5am and putting it away from your bed to keep yourself from hitting the snooze button.


Once you wake up at 5am, get off your bed right away to keep you from falling back asleep. Just like what Robin Sharma always say, mind over mattress.

After you win over the battle of the bed, you will feel refreshed and empowered. This will push you to be consistent every single day.

You can also tell someone about it to make you accountable for your daily actions.

Now we know that 5-6am is the holy hour, but what do you do within that hour? This is where the 20-20-20 rule comes in. According to the book: 

#1 From 5:00 to 5:20

Use the first 20 minutes to exercise. You can jog, walk, dance, or anything physically active. This will increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin to brighten up your day.

#2 From 5:21 to 5:40

Now, for the second 20 minutes, you should get a pen and a paper or your journal to plan your day ahead. This will help you visualize everything you need to accomplish within the day.

#3 From 5:41 to 6:00

Use this time to learn something new; read a book, watch an educational show or video on youtube, read the newspaper, and/or solve puzzles. Keep your brain busy while nourishing it with new knowledge.


Why I like this book is because it helps us build our willpower muscle, to resist short-term temptations in order to meet our long-term goals.  I have practice the 6AM morning routine for many years, but now I am inspired to join the 5AM Club too.

You too can join the 5am club. Embrace the power to be productive while the whole world sleeps. May these tips help you achieve your life goals. Just like what Robin Sharma say, “Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end”.

Please let me know in the comments below if you believe this kind of routine could benefit your life, and also let me know if you want to join me in a 60 days challenge of The 5AM Club!

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“Stop managing your time and start managing your focus.”


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“Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.”

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