It’s the new year… full of hope and expectation of change…

this year it’s going to be different.

Now is the New Year Honeymoon filled with possibility and expectation of new results. More money. More sex. Less weight. Less worry.

Give it a week. 99.999% of people will be right back where they “normally” are be January 15th.


Three main reasons

Their New Years resolutions are:

1.  NOT internalized. That means they are superficial and made them because they thought they should. There’s no emotional juice attached to the goal.

2. Too complicated.  They look at the big picture and say “HOLY S***, how in the hell can I get this done?” Soon as you ask that, you’re toast!

3. NOT linked to specific actions. That means they haven’t reduced down what they need to do to a simple set of baby steps they can manage (mentally, emotionally and physically).

Marriage isn’t the honeymoon. Marriage is the work, love and commitment to making your relationship work. The honeymoon gives you some memories to make you remember why you love each other.

The New Year Honeymoon helps you build emotional juice around your goal(s), but if the commitment isn’t there, or you haven’t planned out your steps or figured out the actions you’ll take… you’ll be right back where you were 4 days ago when you were getting ready for the “New Year.”

Take some time this weekend to really think and plan… and then act!

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My best wishes for a prosperous new year to YOU!

Take care – and make it a great year


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