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JT Foxx Secrets About Success in Business

by Lise Gottlieb
The JT Foxx Mega Speaker inspiration If you are born broke, it is not your fault. If you die broke, it’s 100 percent your fault. Choose to be a Millionaire Underdog! Says who? JT Foxx who considers himself as the ultimate millionaire underdog. JT Foxx has many reasons to inspire you with such a maxim. He has influenced many brands companies and other business interests across the world with his entrepreneurial capacity. But most successful business owners and entrepreneurs lack one thing. They cannot pass on the legacy to another generation. They cannot inspire the next generation with their own […]

Small Business For Sale – Things You Need To Know With A Small Business Opportunity

by Lise Gottlieb
When considering a small business for sale, there are certain things you should look at to know if the opportunity is right for you. You can look at the right things or the wrong things. Looking at the right things will increase your chances of success. Looking at the wrong things can put you in the same position that 95% of other small business owners face by having to close their doors. The purpose of this article is to identify four factors but you really should consider when evaluating a small business for sale. These four factors are designed to […]