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JT Foxx Secrets About Success in Business

by Lise Gottlieb
The JT Foxx Mega Speaker inspiration If you are born broke, it is not your fault. If you die broke, it’s 100 percent your fault. Choose to be a Millionaire Underdog! Says who? JT Foxx who considers himself as the ultimate millionaire underdog. JT Foxx has many reasons to inspire you with such a maxim. He has influenced many brands companies and other business interests across the world with his entrepreneurial capacity. But most successful business owners and entrepreneurs lack one thing. They cannot pass on the legacy to another generation. They cannot inspire the next generation with their own […]

25 Frequently Asked Questions on Starting a Business

Having been a start-up lawyer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, I have been asked many of the following questions over the years from entrepreneurs when starting a business. Sometimes there isn’t an easy answer, and as lawyers often like to say, “It depends on the circumstances.” But, here are my short-hand answers to the frequently asked start-up questions, which hopefully will be right 95% of the time. 1. Should I form my company as C corporation, an S corporation, an LLC, a partnership or a sole proprietorship? Start it as an S corporation, unless you have to issue both common stock […]

Internet Business Opportunity – Online Business Opportunity

by Lise Gottlieb
Since a great deal of disciplines ca hardly make millionaires out of usual people, a lot of individuals end up with business. However, a large number styles of conventional company ventures require big amounts of cash as economic investment, therefore solely those who are wealthy already can make it most in business. Wake up and odor the roses. Time has come that you can do something about it. Take cost of your life. i’m going to persuade you to rise up and turn out to be ready to begin a new life. This life you can handle and shape. One […]

Write a Business Plan, Nah! I Can Do That Myself (and Why You Shouldn’t)

by Lise Gottlieb
There are three reasons why you need a business plan…… To obtain funding.Every good potential lender or investor, be they bank, angel investor, venture capitalist or business partner, will require a business plan. They want to be comfortable that you have thought long and hard about your business rather than jumping straight into a business. More importantly they want to ensure that they have a good chance of not only having their investment returned, but also making a profit out of the arrangement. Your business plan is your sales tool – it explains your business and your strategies to make […]