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#1 International Bestselling Author

by Lise Gottlieb
This weekend my Paleo Chicken Cookbook became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon, which I am very proud of and happy with. I have written 43 books, and have quite a few bestsellers. I think becoming an author is one of the best ways to become an authority within your niche or industry. Watch my video to learn more. If you want my help to write your first book, then reach out to me and join my course “How to write a book in 7 days” HERE:   To Your Success Lise Gottlieb

5 Reasons Every Coach Needs a Book

by Lise Gottlieb
Struggling to bring in new clients? Not sure what to do next in your marketing plan? There’s one simple answer you probably haven’t considered: Write a book. It’s true. This one thing—especially if it’s an actual printed book rather than a Kindle or eBook—has the power to grow your business beyond your expectations. You’ll experience a whole new world of opportunities simply by having your name on the cover of a book. Authority Imagine you’re at a conference or local networking group and you meet two coaches who both specialize in business branding—something you know you need help with. One […]