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CEO & Founder of Biz Boost Group

LISE GOTTLIEB, “The e-Commerce Queen of Denmark”, International Bestselling Author, Harvard Speaker, Avard Winning Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Financial Advicer with Expertice in Business Development.

She is the creator of Power eCom Formula, Biz Boost Formula,, Awesome Paleo Diet and is a Marketing Expert.

She shares her proven strategies with self-motivated, disciplined, hard-working people to help them attain Successful Life Style including personal and financial independence.

She has written and published 43 Books and +300 articles. Lise has produced "turn key" businesses, business development strategies, coaching and health/diet products in physical as well as electronically formats downloadable from the Internet.

Lise's successes are most compelling because they stem from her true life story. From childhood Lise was always driven to succeed. Though she excelled as a young woman in banking, real estate and mortgage, and then the it-industry, she left the industry to launch her own business. In just a few short years, her business failed due to the global financial crisis. On top of that she developed a thyroid disease and an inflammatorily bowel disease. Later on these diseases inspired her to write a self-help book on the topic to help other facing the same challenges in life.

With only one way to go, Lise worked her way up, up and up using her keen mastery of the Internet, a simple marketing strategy and hard, honest work.

A prolific creator and writer, Lise constantly has several books and new products in development at any given time.

What motivates her most is seeing how her work helps others people to live better lives. Her goal is to help self-motivated smart, hard-workers liberate themselves from the corporate establishment to create a better lifestyle attaining more personal freedom and success.

Her latest works include:,,,,,,,, and


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